Sleepy Lagoon Motel in Beaver


Half a mile south of Beaver, Utah and along US 91 is a quaint little abandoned motel that you’d might miss if you’re not paying close attention. The Sleepy Lagoon Motel, located near 882 S Main Street, was once a bustling motel for families looking for a place to stay or young lovers just heading out on their honeymoon.

The postcard above shows the interior of a room in the motel along with the pool and the office. Date of the picture is unknown. Now the only thing left to see is the dilapidated sign and a strip of rooms that are leftover.

Sleepy Lagoon Motel Sign

The first time I saw the abandoned motel was back in 2013. The tree hadn’t nearly overgrown the sign as much. A new addition this time was the placement of a dumpster in front of the hotel…which leads me to believe that they are slowly tearing this beauty down.


Not to mention the lagoon is still there…although not looking quite as vibrant as it used to.

Below is a postcard I found from Card Cow estimated to be around 1960 (60 years ago!!) that shows what it used to look like. The postcard reads the following to tempt you to come and stay for a night by the enchanting lagoon:

1/2 mile south of Beaver, Utah on U.S. 91 Hot water heat and refrigeration, air conditioning with individual room control, wall to wall carpeting. Tiled baths and showers. TV in rooms. New, beautiful, luxurious rooms, finest on 91. Reasonable rates. Pool.

For some reason, when I come here I can’t help but imagine what it would have been like to pull up to this place at night. You can see that there was once a man-made waterfall and lights strategically placed to draw you into the ambience.


The picture above is the inside view of what’s left of a motel room. I’m assuming this was their most basic room as they had some larger ones on the northern side of the row of rooms.

A note to any of my urbex friends: this place is on a main street and there’s a farmhouse right next to the old motel. There are several signs that says that security cameras are recording. I made my way around the property and managed to get some good snaps without getting chase away.

For me, the only way that this place could be any better is if it was haunted by the weary travelers from this world heading to the beyond.

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Note: the whereabouts of Sleepy Lagoon Motel does not have an actual address. It’s just south of 794 S Main St which is a private residence.